『The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang』~Jackie Chan、Back to his 20's~


Script:Boham Liu
Exec. Producer:Jackie Chan
Producer:Kiefer Liu (Agan)

Jackie Chan's latest movie has been released on February 5, 2019 in China during the Chinese New Year's Eve and foton inc.'s movie retouching technique, "Age Reduction VFX" has been adopted in the film.

Jackie Chan's company, Sparkle Roll Media, as well as Golden Shore Films & Television, iQIYI Motion Pictures, etc. have participated in the production of this film, which was released and screened in over 8000 theaters in China alone, as well as other Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand.

「We want to Age Reduce Jackie(64), to his 20's」

Actor Jackie Chan has been a well known global action star since he was in his twenties, and still is around the world with an enthusiastic fan base since, so this VFX retouch work required extreme care, sophistication, and attention to details.

At foton inc., we not only merely "portray" a young image of the subject, but by utilizing our very own「Age Reduction VFX」methods, we analyze the younger subject's actual face and apply our analysis to our VFX work as if the subject had just slipped in time. We continuously thrive to pursue further technological development.

Below are the results of Age Reduction VFX on Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan, Age Reduced to his 20's without any special makeup.

Age Reduction VFX applied Stills


Age Reduction VFX REEL

Jackie Chan`s [The Knights of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang] Age Reduction VFX REEL from foton inc. on Vimeo.