At foton Inc., we research and study the settings and capabilities of various cameras in order to find and collect data that are "most compatible" to retouch work.

In the industry today, not only are there many models of cameras in use, even the slightest settings can take effect on the retouching compatibility of the produced data.

Therefore, in order to produce work at the highest quality, we test, study, and collect the different data and settings of cameras to be able to provide suggestions and advice to photographers regarding [The Most Suitable Cameras and Settings for Retouching] before their actual shoot.

We believe that the amount of cameras that can actually produce retouch suitable data are very limited. Hence, we usually recommend using either REDONE or ARRIAlexa along with specific settings.


We have borrowed one of the few existing EPIC Cameras in Japan, from Saihua Industry Co. Ltd., to study its performance thoroughly.

To test the EPIC's full capacity, we have set up a real photo shoot quality setting with the cooperation from the light team.

As a team that is used to REDONE, we were most impressed by:

-The ability to record 5K 24/30 frames at the lowest compression mode. Before REDONE mounted compatible SSDs, we were not able to film 4K 24 frames on the lowest compression mode.
Since this relates directly to resolution, it was the most impressive factor.

The second most pleasant factor of EPIC was the size of the camera.
Due to the smaller size of the body, it could be hand-held to film.
The small body size was extremely useful, especially when the hand-held and filmed 5K resolution footage were to be trimmed down to either 4K or 2K, accordingly, as requested by photographers.

And more:

- Before, when transferring data from the SSD to a PC or a MAC, it required a reader called [REDMAG]. However, because EPIC mounted a eSATA, it was not only easier to transfer data, but was also made possible to copy data while filming.

-Improved high-speed filming. The ability to film in 2K at appx. 300 fps and 4K at appx. 150fps.

-The time span of launch, from power-on to operational, was extremely shortened.

-While REDONE usually required a default reset for recorded media whenever the frame route was changed, EPIC did not.

We really believe EPIC answered back to the users' feedback with their improvements.