[COMMERCIAL PHOTO] Latest Issue Special Feature [4K Introduction: Super High Definition Video]

The full article has been released (Additional notes on September, 2014).

The visuals for the main cover of [COMMERCIAL PHOTO], released August 12th, was created through a collaboration between photographer TAKAKI_KUMADA and foton inc.


The visual was created by selecting and retouching a single frame from a footage taken with RED EPIC. The 5K raw footage itself is currently being produced as video work as well.

This feature covers the story behind underwater photography, photographer TAKAKI_KUMADA, and an interview of our very own retoucher MURAYAMA.

As this feature covers a very consolidated review on the current circumstances of the topic regarding 4K and its latest trends, especially with the launch of Alexa 4K, we believe those who get the chance to read this article at such a timing is very lucky!

For those who have been working with 4K production, such thoughts may have crossed your mind, “Although 4K productions are challenging, I would still like to devote myself to making them.”

3 years ago, we have realized that the out-dated retouching methods for Super High Resolution footage at 4/8K just didn't cut it. So, we developed our own movie retouching techniques to approach super high-def productions.

If you are interested to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us.