ADC AWARDS 2012 GrandPrix

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has been awarded a GrandPrix for their [負けるもんか](I Will Not Lose) advertising campaign at the 2012 ADC Awards.
Osamu FUKUI, from foton inc. was in charge of the graphic productions for this campaign.

ADC AWARDS 2012 그랑프리

포톤의 Osamu FUKUI님이 그래픽 제작을 담당한 혼다 모터스 광고 "負けるもんか(절대 안 진다.)"가 2012년 ADC AWARDS에서 그랑프리를 수상 했습니다.



Flame Premium 2013 and Flare 2013

We have adopted both the [Flame Premium 2013] and the [Flare 2013].
By increasing the system specs to its full capability, way higher than the Flame systems used at other post-productions sites, we are now able to edit complex compositions in 4K without any problem.

By developing new video retouching techniques that does not limit itself to a single application or a system, but can be utilized on programs like Flame, Flare, Nuke, AE, etc. accordingly to each project, foton inc. has created an environment where color grading, movie retouching, test sampling & final retouching, and completing the entire final package can be done in one consistent work flow.

It's even possible to take the data worked on Flame, by foton inc., and transfer it straight to the Post-Production's Flame room.