Bringing 2400 Shots of High-Definition Photo Data to Life, as a Video

Our co-founder and executive retoucher Kei NISHIYAMA's interview was featured in a special column of the [COMMERCIAL PHOTO] December Issue, as they covered the making of TOYOTA AQUA commercials at foton inc.



The Contribution of ColorEdge at Filming Sites and 4K Monitor FDH3601

Our CEO Akira KAI, co-founder Kei NISHIYAMA, and Uue was interviewed and featured in ColorEdge, a special column within [COMMERCIAL PHOTO]`s online website, [Shuffle].


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The Power of HP Z series

The December Issue of [COMMERCIAL PHOTO] features an interview by Kei NISHIYAMA on the HP Z1 series.


This can also be viewed from [Shuffle], [COMMERCIAL PHOTO]'s website.

[TAKAKI_KUMADA x foton Inc.] High-Definition Movie has been Completed

The collaborative High-Definition 5K fashion movie between TAKAKI_KUMADA and foton inc. has been completed.

The Movie was screened in last month’s International Broadcasting Equipment Exhibition “InterBEE,” by RED Digital Japan, EIZO, and GENKOSHA, each on a 4K monitor.


You can read the featured interview of Mr.KUMADA and foton’s OOBE at [COMMERCIAL PHOTO]’s online website, [Shuffle]