TOYOTA [AQUA Japanese Hybrid] Commercial

foton inc. has contributed to the making of the new TOYOTA [AQUA] commercials, On-Air from September 6th.

We have retouched all the 4 produced commercials, which were aired as a single 60-second CM at the [KIRIN CHALLENGE CUP 2013, Representatives from: JAPAN X GUATEMALA].

Planning and Production: DENTSU+PICT
Director: Yusuke TANAKA (CAVIAR)
Filmed by: Ken HANAZAWA

The commercials were filmed with [Phase One IQ180] using the “time-lapse photography” method, where still pictures were taken at regular intervals and later connected to create a moving picture.

foton inc. was in charge of developing the RAW data, color grading them, and final polishing the commercials.

This project was very challenging from the developing stage because not only were each images over 6K and included parts that needed to be deleted, but also because the inconsistent weather caused changes in the surrounding color tone in each picture.