Appeared on GQ Japan

In the 2012 April issue of GQ Japan, foton Inc. and its movie retouching skills were covered in the main special feature, “Japan as Number One [Japan’s most proud Objects, Things, and People to the World] alongside the famous Japanese Fast Train [SHINKANSEN] and [Super Mario Brothers]. foton Inc. was introduced as a company to withhold one of Japan’s most proud world-class techniques.
This feature of foton Inc. was recommended by Editor-in Chief Yasushi KAWAMOTO from [COMMERCIAL PHOTO].


2012년 GQ JAPAN 4월호 "Japan as Number One: 세계에서 자랑스러운 일본의 物-事-人" 메인 특집에 일본 고속 열차 신칸센,Super Mario Brothers 과 나란히 foton Inc.의 영상 리터칭 기술이 세계에서 자랑스러운 일본의 기술로 소개되었습니다.
이번 게재는 [COMMERCIAL PHOTO]의 Yasushi KAWAMOTO 편집장님이 추천해주셨습니다.