映画『Ode To My Father』 〜より進化した「老化・若返り」技術〜

2012年に発表した「Age Reduciton VFX:若返り技術」が、更に進化しました。
“Aging/Age reduction VFX art, which foton inc. has developed presented in 2012, has now been enjoying its greater evolution. We can make the actors in 40’s looks younger in twenties and older in seventies.
映画『Ode to My Father(原題:国際市場、邦題:国際市場で逢いましょう)』は、昨年末に韓国で公開されてから、
The film “International Market” has been released in December last year in Korea and recording the audience in excess of 10 million in the short period of one month. (breaking 13,200,000 moviegoers as of 12th February, 2015)Telling a life of an ordinary man in this film, Mr. Hwang Jeong-min has played the leading part in the ages from 20’s to 70’s by himself, without having a substitute. And this is why, our art has been necessary.

こちらの映像は、Age Reduction VFXを施した「20歳代」のシーンの一部です。
The footage shows a part of the scenes of “20’s” with Age Reduction VFX.
In “20’s” scenes, the actors did not wear any special effect make-ups. We made them younger keeping their expressions alive as in the original film, and also without missing their sensitive and emotional acting.

「70歳代」のシーンは、ぜひ劇場でご覧下さい。(日本では、2015年 5月16日に公開)
As for “70’s”, we recommend to see at the theaters. (In Japan, the film will be released in 16th May, 2015.)
So far, in order to give such “Aging/Age reduction” VFX, the special effects make-up has been essential
However, because of the thickness of the materials and the skin cramps, the special effects make-ups sometimes become obstacles to act. Also making-up and touching-up take time during very limited shooting period.

スウェーデンの特殊メイクアップ・チーム「love larson」。彼らの特殊メイクはとても素晴らしく、演技に支障が

In the film “Ode to My Father”, the special effects make-up for “70’s has been made by “love Larson” from Sweden, who had performed make-ups in the film “007/ Skyfall”. Making the best use of those make-ups, we, foton inc., revise muscles and wrinkles hanging down as required and let the pupil and eyebrow age, which shall be difficult to be expressed only with special effects make-ups.